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Candles, votives and reed diffusers, luxury, aromatherapy candles, made using a blend of pure essential oils and natural soy wax, extremely long burn time, 18 hours for the votives, 40 plus for the larger candles, fragrances are fab too. Dark amber and sandalwood, lime and black pepper, vanilla musk and lavender, geranium,eucalyptus and orange and rock rose and pink pepper. Votives £10, large boxed candle £25 and reed diffusers £25. Go on spoil yourself.

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Wedding Fayres

Here is a list of the wedding fayres that we are attending:

  • Cave castle Sunday 7th September
  • Beverley arms Sunday 12th October
  • Driffield show ground Sunday 23 November


Floristry Blog

Our trainee Emma will be starting a blog about her floristry journey. For anyone with an interest in floristry it will give you and insight into what a career in floristry might entail and outline some of the things you need to learn to get there. It will also contain helpful hints and tips for those of you who just want to make your home displays look more professional or for those who already flower arrange. Join her week by week and learn a little yourself along the way.

Ok so here goes my first blog! One of the first things I learnt in the shop was CONDITIONING flowers. This basically means how to look after the flowers upon arrival into the shop. At FlowerStyle we buy most of our cut flowers from Holland (They really know their flower growing stuff over there).  We use a chiller to keep our flowers at an optimum temperature ( can’t rely on the British weather ) which is why our flowers last so long. Before they go on display in the chiller they need some TLC.  A small amount of foliage is removed from the stem to ensure its not touching the water it sits in. Next a few centimetres of the stem is cut from the bottom on the diagonal.


This will stop the stem sitting flat on the bottom of the container and enable it to drink properly.

Buying Flowers

Those of you who have visited the shop will notice that our flowers are kept in a chiller, this is not a common feature in florists in this area but we believe that keeping our cut flowers at an optimum temperature from the time they are cut until you buy them is vital for top quality and maximum vase life. Many of you have infact told us that our floors last between 5 days and two weeks longer than from other stockists :)

Although we do try to buy local when possible and get much of our foliage from this area we do buy most of our flowers from holland. They have a talent for growing and are simply the best quality flowers on wholesale. We meet the lorry from the docks and choose our flowers right off the van, its like being in a sweet shop with all the different colours and varieties theres always something interesting and new.


When you are buying flowers for home there are a few tips that will help your arrangement look more pleasing.

  1. Choose your focal flowers in odd numbers 3 or 5 stems work best. Focal flowers being the most prominent in the display e.g Roses, Gerbera, Peonies,
  2. Use fillers of a complimentary colour e.g if you are using pink roses fill in with a smaller flower and maybe a spray of either pinks or purples. Purple statice or september flower and pink stocks, gerbera would all work well.
  3. To finish your display use greenery, again of complimentry style/ colour. Continuing with our example of pinks and purples somthing like green button spray chrysanthemums and ruscus would look better than bright yellow solidaster.
  4. Ask your florists opinion, we like it when people are interested and wont mind at all taking a few minutes to advise and help you choose5. Keep in mind the vase you are going to use e.g fishbowls will only take flowers that bend, gerbera tulips, grasses, twisted hazel, hyacinths. Where as if you have a tall vase i love to use two stems of lilly, three or five white avelanche roses and ruscus and grasses. classic whites and greens but modern and dramatic.

Lets face it you cant go too far wrong if you stick to these few rules and you cant beat a vase full of fresh flowers to brighten any room and indeed any mood!

Window Display

This week I have been charged with the design and construction of our window display. Quite important as this is our first point of contact with potential and existing customers. We are beginning to refurbish the rooms upstairs in the shop allowing us to provide services for brides in particular such as venue styling and glassware hire. We have so many types of glassware it was hard to choose  which to put on display. We do have a fab new post box for hire for weddings or any event where guests may bring cards. We do also hire a large free standing birdcage for this purpose. Also new in are some lovely oversized brandy glasses which have already proved popular and would be great for wedding table centres. I have attempted a floral arrangement in oasis to show you just one of the ways it could be used.


Other ways to fill these vases would be with sand and shells, coloured water and floating flower heads, all depending on your budget of course. A second display I’ve used is a Lilly vase with three roses as this is a much used table centre for weddings. So here are the results. I will try to post window display updates as we always have comments and compliments from passers by which is lovely!


New Lines

We have recently had a few brides come to us with requests for silk bouquets. Usually these brides are getting married abroad or sometimes a silk hand tie will be used to throw instead of the fresh bouquet. We don’t carry any silks in the shop as we prefer to work with fresh flowers on a daily basis due to the high standard silks being difficult to source. There is a company we have found that does good silk copies and this is where we order from for our brides. We then use the same hand tie techniques to arrange the silks into a bouquet. Here is and example of silks done for a bride as a throwing bouquet.

silk bouquet

Post box

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This is our latest purchase which is yours to hire for your guests to post their good wishes

This is our latest purchase which is yours to hire for your guests to post their good wishes


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